7 Alternative Uses for a Throw, Blanket, or Towel

Posted on March 30 2016

7 Alternative Uses for a Throw, Blanket, or Towel


Over the course of a lifetime we collect our favorite things: art, recipes, photographs, favorite clothing. Brahms Mount customers know all about this as many have been collecting and using our blankets, throws and towels for over 30 years. Babies grow into adults and blankets are handed to the next generation, we hold on to that which is dear.


Try These 7 Alternative Uses For Your Brahms Mount Blanket:


Color in the Bedroom

1. Children Love Blankets Children love to play under blankets, making a fort by draping them between chairs and across couches. Brahms Mount blankets seem to be a hit! The bright colors, and interesting patterns mean kids can have the coolest blanket forts - they grew up using them, it makes perfect sense.

Linen day blanket

2. Camping Companion Our Linen Towel is the only towel you will need on the trail. If it’s really hot out there, dip your towel into the cool water and wrap around your neck or head, as it evaporates, you will feel it cooling you. If you need to dry off after a swim, even the smallest linen towel is absorbent enough to handle all of you from head to toe.


3. Baking Our linen kitchen towels are the perfect fabrics for culinary artists to place their hand-made bread on to rise, and the perfect lining for the breadbasket and freshly sliced loaves.

4. Car Comfort Throws make beautiful shawls.  They are comfortable, insulating against a chill, and a perfect size to drape around your shoulders. Walk right outside with your throw and take it in the car for Sunday drives and long rides.


5. Great For Travel Bring your own small personal blanket when you travel, it’s comforting, and only been used by you.

6. Wrapping A throw makes a beautiful wrapping for a special gift. Bring a baby present to a newborn, wrap it in a soft throw for mom!

7. Dormitory Rooms Dormitory rooms come alive with personality as each new student moves in. A blanket and a few colorful throws are all that’s needed for yours to become the go-to gathering place!

8. Holiday Make sure you have the most unusual Christmas tree skirt. Let yours be the one that doesn’t go back in the box after the holiday! The most important aspect of your Brahms Mount is not only it’s versatility. It’s the instant comfort one feels when in contact with our cloth.

So go ahead, it’s all you’ll need for those midnight visits to the fridge!