6 Reasons Why Linen is Perfect for Blankets and Bedding

Posted on June 28 2011

6 Reasons Why Linen is Perfect for Blankets and Bedding


linen blanket

You've probably heard of linen, but do you know why it's one of the best fibers for both clothing and bedding? Sit back and relax as we run down the top 6 reasons why linen is such a great fabric.


1. Environmentally friendly

Made out of flax, linen is a replaceable resource that has little impact on water quality compared with all other fibers.


2. Healing abilities

Known to help with everything from anti-stress to better sleep to even reducing "itis" conditions (like arthritis and dermatitis), linen has been known to be one of the best fibers for healing.


3. Natural insulator

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, linen fibers are maintained by the air. It reacts to the season and the body in contact with the cloth to give the best of all circumstances.


4. Repels insects

Remember what the mummies were wrapped in? That wasn't toilet paper, it was linen. The ancient Egyptians used linen because of its ability to help repel microorganisms and insects.


5. Resistent fiber

Linen is a long lasting fiber, with the ability to keep its shape and resist becoming fluffy like other fibers. The more it's washed, the more beautiful and supple it becomes.


6. Strength

Linen is one of the strongest fibers. Not only does it help clothing and bedding last longer, it's even used in paper money to increase strength. For more information on linen bedding, check out Brahms Mount's linen collection!

By Brahms Mount