5 Ways To Bring Texture Into Your Home

Posted on October 21 2015

5 Ways To Bring Texture Into Your Home


Texture is the food of a well-balanced décor. It lights up our senses with delicious detail. The dance between visual texture and the tactile quality of a fabric is at the very core of its character. We are all drawn to certain repeating patterns: the black and white veneer of birch trees, the linear simplicity of painted wood walls, ornament in architecture, the gradation of color from the horizon up into the atmosphere. These are the types of textures that color our subconscious.


For A Quiet Place

The textures we relate to a quiet room are often understated. The fabrics would reflect what you visualize when you consider tranquility. Softly patterned weaves having smooth surfaces and subtle color will be like a soothing song in this room. The properties of the yarns will speak through their tactile comfort.

Cotton / Alpaca corner houndstooth day blanket

When The Walls Are Smoothly Painted

Vertical and horizontal stripe textures can add character and focus to a room having smoothly painted walls. A blanket or throw with a linear repeat will add visually commanding texture. The color of the stripe or the dimension of a ribbed weave will add interest while balancing the space.

Ticking Stripe Blanket Photo credit:

When The Space Has Architectural Detail

Use fabrics that are classically textured to create a harmonic mix in rooms that have architectural details. Motifs such as herringbones and chevrons, squares and graphic shapes are often a first choice. Interesting all-over textures woven from unusual yarns are equally at home.


When Color Is Texture

One single accent color in a room is a statement in austerity. Add two colors to create effective color blocking – the graphic effect of solid colors side by side. A throw or blanket, in a saturated color, or a small stack of solid colors, is a singularly effective statement in all environments.

Color in a stark room

When Texture Is The Color Of The Scheme

Texture can act to color a room. Light reflection magnifies the variations in the surfaces as it plays off the different weave patterns. Choose blankets with matching throws in gray tones with varying textures or combine the brightness of whites in squares, ribs, and textured lattices. Give dimension to your solid schemes by using multiple textures.


A richly textured room is a warm room. Use texture to feed the soul and the character of your home!