5 Uses for Day Blankets You Probably Haven't Thought Of

Posted on July 19 2011

5 Uses for Day Blankets You Probably Haven't Thought Of


Day blankets are apart of Brahms Mount's exquisite line of oversized throws that have delighted our customers for years. Each is perfect, whether it's to throw in the car or on the couch, and most importantly to throw on your shoulders and snuggle in. With Brahms Mount's variety of patterns, natural fibers and vibrant color palettes, there is sure to be a day blanket, personal and perfect, for everyone.


Ever spent time in the sand with a small beach towel and left without being covered in sand? We'd love to know your secret! Our day blankets are perfect for the beach - they won't hold in the heat, they'll cover a large area, and will stay soft and comfortable.


Need a little cover for those windy boat trips? Need a comfier place to sit? Look no further than a day blanket: perfect for a few friends or family to sit on, or to cover up the little ones when they get chilly. And don't worry if these blankets get splashed - they'll dry out in no time!


Ever sit on the plane next to someone who's cozy and comfortable, covered in a great blanket? That could be you! Take the blanket off the plane and enjoy it throughout your entire trip - day blankets are easy to pack in a bag for the day, whether you're sight seeing or on business.


You've probably never thought a day blanket would be perfect for exercise, have you? Think again. Soft and comfortable, not to mention highly absorbent, they'll make a great large space to work out on.

Reading in backyard on warm summer or chilly fall days

Doubling as an ultra soft and comfortable space to lay on and a cover to stay warm if it gets a little chilly, day blankets are the perfect accessory for reading in the backyard...or anywhere! Ready to see more? Brahms Mount offers day  blankets in many designs, fibers, and colors, including: By Brahms Mount