5 Reasons to Love Merino Wool Blankets

Posted on September 26 2011

5 Reasons to Love Merino Wool Blankets


Merino wool is one of our favorite blankets - and it's no surprise why - there are a ton of reasons wool makes a great all-season blanket, and these are just five.


1. Lightweight

Forget about multiple blankets, there's no need for too many layers with our wool. Not only that, but our Merino Lambswool is light, making it the perfect fall accessory.


2. Breathable

Wool? Breathable? But of course. You can stay warm and cozy without the bulk of a traditional winter throw.


3. Warm

The perfect all season blanket, you'll stay warm all year long with these beautiful blankets. Not only that, but our Merino wool has warmth and insulating properties.


4. Non-itchy

That's right. We're ending the itchy wool stigma right here and now. Wool has come a long way from that itchy Christmas sweater. Much research has been conducted to perfect the spinning and weaving processes, resulting in one of the finest and softest fibers available.


5. Machine washable

Don't worry about special washing instructions; our merino wool blankets can be thrown right in the wash! Wool Blankets available at Brahms Mount include: Herringbone merino wool, available in Flint, Shale, Hazelnut, Nutmeg and Spruce Broadcloth merino wool, available in Nutmeg, Flint, Navy and Hazelnut By Brahms Mount