4 Thoughtful Gifts For The Expecting Mother

Posted on October 29 2015

4 Thoughtful Gifts For The Expecting Mother


Greet the announcement of a birth with these gift suggestions.

Baby Blankets

An heirloom baby blanket is a gift that lasts for generations. This special blanket represents security and as it becomes more and more familiar, it is as if a part of the family. 100% Cotton is the favored fabric for baby blankets and Brahms Mounts’ is legendary as encompassing all the ingredients needed to be the quintessential definition of heirloom.

Brahms Mount Baby Blankets Since 1983

Soft Fabrics For Soothing Moments

Relaxing footbaths, soft slippers, and soothing fabrics calm the senses. 100% Linen is a most soothing covering for your legs as it breathes, moving air and calming the skin. For a perfectly still moment, or many, meditate with Linen.

Linen Fabric For Expecting Mom

Climb under soft wool such as Merino or Alpaca, especially warming when enjoying silent moments of contemplation with a journal, or when on the phone discussing baby names with the grandmother to be. A Cotton/Linen blend is the mixture of two plant fibers that have weight and breathability without added warmth. A personal day-blanket is the perfect wrap at the end of yoga class, or as cover for a short nap after a massage – insulating and retaining the effects.

Great Towels For A Home Spa Day

One of the pleasures of a body nourishing bath or shower is the towel that awaits you. A 100% Linen towel has superior characteristics that cannot be matched. It soaks up water very quickly using natural properties to do so while providing a textural aspect that invigorates the skin. A 100% Linen towel will be a most simple, elegant, and appreciated gift.

  Linen Towels for Expecting Mom  

Pillows For Various Positions

Comfortable pillows are essential gifts, providing support and allowing your body to relax while sitting, reading, reclining, or poised in any number of various positions. An Organic wool pillow insert can contribute to even greater comfort, as it is an aid in thermal regulation - cooling when it’s warm, warming when it’s cool. A selection of a few different pillow sizes gives versatility. Of course a great color or texture for the cover will be engage the visual and tactile senses.   Organic Wool Pillows for Expecting Mom

Home is the nest for the mother to be, and the family to be. Natural fibers are the natural way.