4 Reasons Blankets Make the Perfect Wedding Gift

Posted on March 26 2014

4 Reasons Blankets Make the Perfect Wedding Gift


It's nearly here. Wedding season. Whether you find that nothing on the couples' wedding registry quite fits or there's simply nothing good left, it's not too late! You still have the chance to get the newlyweds the perfect wedding present, a gift they will not soon forget: a blanket or throw. Blankets make a great wedding gift and here are just a few reasons why:


1. Blankets last.

No matter what fiber you go with - cotton, wool, or linen - blankets are sure to be the gift that keeps on giving, year after year. Since all of these textiles will stand the test of time, the newlyweds will be able to enjoy your gift well after their 10th Anniversary.


2. Blankets never go out of style.

While we pride ourselves on designing unique, creative, and contemporary styles, it's also important to us to create textiles that will stand the test of time. Not only will people always need blankets, but our styles are all subtle enough that the newlyweds will never tire of their gift.


3. Blankets will get used.

Unlike that crystal serving platter on the registry, the couple will certainly use your gift more than just once a year. Whether they use it for a special guest-only blanket, regular use and display on the back of the sofa, or all year round on their bed, you can rest assured knowing the couple will be able to use your gift often!


4. Blankets are personal.

With a number of styles and colors to choose from, you'll be able to give a very personal gift to the couple. Whether the newlyweds have a classic or contemporary style, like neutrals or bold colors, you'll be able to match a unique blanket to the unique couple! To start shopping for a wedding gift, check out our blanket selection today! By Brahms Mount