2016 Holiday Gift Guide Part One: 4 Lifestyle Themes

Posted on November 21 2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Part One: 4 Lifestyle Themes


Choose a gift that compliments a lifestyle. Use lifestyle to gain the perfect insight into choosing a meaningful gift. Be inspired when the season calls! A way of life can reveal the answers to your gifting questions.


The Call For Alpaca Wool

If your friends can be found on a crisp starry night relaxing around a bonfire so bright, this is the call for the superior warmth of our Chunky Hounds-tooth 100% Alpaca Throw. The Alpaca fiber is so smooth and warming, it is very well suited for bringing outdoors as it possesses ideal thermal properties.

Alpaca Christmas Gift

Collection also includes: Fair Isle, Corner Hounds-tooth, Herringbone, and Textured Stripe, woven using Cotton and Alpaca combined.

Collecting By Color

A home develops personality over time. House-ware items, home textiles, and choice of art will reflect a theme. It often starts with a color, growing into a collection that becomes a personal statement. Once you’ve discovered someone who collects by color, you can choose from several of our collections to coordinate your gift right into their lifestyle.

Cotton Throw Colors

Our classic and founding Cotton collections:

  • Ticking Stripe Blanket and Herringbone Cotton Blanket and Throw.
  • New and soon to joint the Cotton classics: Camden Stripe.


Fine Micron Wool collections:

  • Ombre Throw, a watercolor effect from dark to light.
  • Fez Throw, jacquard-woven with exceptional border patterning.

For The Love Of Texture

We all respond to texture, many are simply enamored by the textures that surround. Artists, chefs, fashion designers and architects use texture in a myriad of glorious ways. Texture is a gift for the eyes and senses.

granite marled yarn 

Our cotton Rib Blanket is a feast of texture. Bedford Cord is Organic Cotton. Marly Blanket and Throw, and Bird's eye Blanket use color as texture in Cotton. Boucle Throw, simply put, pure textural luxury in Cotton / Wool.

For The Love of Pure Comfort

There is quiet pleasure that comes from the Earth’s subtle palette of soft colors and natural fibers. When woven into a textile it is elixir to the senses. Flax reaches up from the earth in a singe stalk, the blue/purple flower blooms, the plant fiber is taken from the stalk, spun into yarn, and named Linen. There is purity in this fiber and it is experienced in use. You are touching the earth when you choose Linen.

Wool Pinstripe Blanket

Color is therapeutic, and both the colors and content in our fine-micron Merino wool Pinstripe Blanket melt with you in subtle resplendence. Your bed is a sanctuary with this blanket; the twin size is a perfect gift as a personal blanket for a man, or across the foot of a bed. The season of gifting is truly gratifying with Brahms Mount. Fabric has intrinsic familiarity, it is a true comfort in many ways, for varied lifestyles.