100% Linen Towels

Posted on April 02 2010

100% Linen Towels


Linen Towels

When I need an hour relaxation, I’ll pull out the bubbles and a good book, fill up my claw foot tub with near boiling water and soak.  Stepping out of the bath and into my oversized Linen Body Towel is such a complimentary finale, a little extra luxury before I have to open the bathroom door, clear the mist and go back to the daily grind.  In a few hours, my towel will be dry, too.  No more soggy towels on the bathroom hook! Brahms Mount 100% Linen Towels are absorbing machines -- the most durable towels on the market.  While cotton and bamboo towels fray, pill, remain damp for hours and stain easily, Linen does not.  It is easy to clean and gets softer with every wash. Linen’s number of incredible properties only increase when wet.  It soaks up more moisture than other fibers, is actually stronger and more durable when wet, and dries quickly.  Dollar bills are made with 25% Linen for these reasons, which is why your George Washington doesn’t shred in the wash (like that important business card with the unlisted number). Steamy bubble baths aside, I’m usually a person who gets a kick out of practicality.  I’m drawn to anything with multiple functions, incredible durability, and easy maintenance.  I have several Linen Hand Towels that have been put through the ringer and look just as beautiful as my bath towels.  Dishes, camping, dog cleaning -- you name it -- and they only get softer with each use. I can go on for hours about my love of Linen (and I have, too), but it’s an experience worth trying yourself.  Brahms Mount offers three towel sizes, in six different colors, so I’m sure you can find the right one.

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By Brahms Mount