10 Reasons Not to Go Back to Cotton Towels Once You've Gone Linen

Posted on January 09 2014

10 Reasons Not to Go Back to Cotton Towels Once You've Gone Linen


It's no secret that we love linen, and our linen towels are no different. We're big believers in linen over cotton towels and here's why:

Linen towel stack

1. Antimicrobial Linen has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth; more so than cotton and other fibers. For towels, this is a very important feature as our hand and bath towels tend to be the perfect home for microbes.

2. Fast Drying As one of our most breathable fabrics, it makes sense that it would also dry quickly: another great quality for your towels!

3. Absorbent Another key element for hand and bath towels? Absorbency. Linen is highly absorbent; just one more reason why it's the right choice for towels in your home!

4. Less time in the Dryer Not only is the ability to quickly air dry important for a towel, but it's also great for care in the dryer! Effectively saving you energy, your linen towels won't take as much time to dry after washing as other fibers.

5. Longevity/Life of the Fiber Significantly stronger than many other fibers, you'll be able to enjoy your linen towels for years to come. Linen holds it's shape and won't wear nearly as quickly as other fabrics will.

6. Natural Fibrous Scent Nothing beats the natural smell of a linen textile - from blankets to towels, the smell of linen is subtle and fibrous.

7. Smooth Drape Smooth and soft, linen towels will feel wonderful against your skin. In the summers, it will have a cooling effect and in the winters, it will keep in the heat.

8. Double Hand Turned Down Hems Like many of our other textiles, our linen towels are finished by hand. Your edges will never fray thanks to double turned hems!

9. Space Saving Since linen is a naturally light weight fabric, your extra towels will never overwhelm the space in your storage closets or drawers.

10. Classic Design Choose from a number of unique towel designs, all expertly designed by our in-house team to fit a number of styles and color palettes.

Ready to make the switch from cotton to linen? Learn more by contacting us today or by checking our linen towel selection! By Brahms Mount