10 Gift Ideas for a New Years Eve Party: brought to you by one fiber

Posted on December 13 2016

10 Gift Ideas for a New Years Eve Party: brought to you by one fiber


The New Year is upon us, and you can be as creative as you’d like when choosing a gift for the hostess or host of a New Years party.


10 versatile ideas for the use of a 100% Linen Towel from Brahms Mount:

  1. 100% Linen Kitchen Towels, not just for drying dishes!
  2. Our kitchen towels have a beautiful presence when lining the basket of fresh bread, whole or sliced!
  3. Bakers, cover loaves with a damp linen towel as they rise!
  4. Used as a head towel, linen can dry your hair in no time because of the incredible moisture absorption.
  5. Kitchen Towels on a camping trip? Yes that’s right. One kitchen size towel can suit all of you needs when away from the kitchen. It’s even big enough for a towel dry after a swim!
  6. A kitchen towel under a hot plate is not only beautiful but a good insulator for keeping the heat off the surface.Gift Guide Pairing Towels
  7. Wrap a hot dish in a Linen Towel? Yes indeed! Sharing food is a tradition and when bringing a warm dish to a party there’s no better wrapping and insulator than linen.
  8. Need to keep a beverage cool? Place a linen kitchen towel around the bottle for a surprise wrapping, dampen a bit for cooling action as the moisture evaporates.
  9. Use something a little more special under a plate of appetizers. Use Linen!
  10. Dads, artists, mad scientists… a linen towel is a gift in the shop and at the studio sink.
  11. Linen fabric is a fantastic base for needle work such as embroidery and cross stitch… a gift a like no other for a fiber artist!


Linen is known to be nature’s most noble fiber, mark the New Year with natures best from Brahms Mount! Don’t stop at the kitchen towel. Use your linen bath towel or sheet to cover a table for a special occasion. There is no greater versatility than in a piece of Linen. From the kitchen to the great room, grace your party and New Year with Linen!